Subscribe blockchain data without loss in real-time

Have you ever faced any problems which are listed below while developing DApps(Decentralized Applications)?‌

  • I'm not sure that I have subscribed all data from blockchain without loss.

  • It's difficult to check whether transactions are mined or not.

  • It's hard to sync with blockchain because of frequent disconnections from the node.

Henesis provides following features to address above mentioned problems.‌

  • Listen, filter, parse and deliver blockchain data without loss in real-time

  • Reorganization Tolerance.

  • Fully-managed stable blockchain node.

Without Henesis, you have to‌

  • Manage a stable blockchain node by yourself.

  • Write your own code for subscribing to blockchain events.

  • Manually deal with a chain reorganization.

  • Inspect a transaction pool or a latest block for tracking transactions.

Sounds terrible, doesn't it?‌

From now on, Henesis will take care of everything instead of you.

Have you requested us to issue an account to use Henesis? If you haven't yet, please contact hello@henesis.io.