Can the Henesis also subscribe to event data for delegatecall?

Henesis can also subscribe to events emitted by delegateCall. The way to subscribe is to fill out both the caller contract and the callee contract in the files field of the contract filter. For example, if Contract A executes delegateCall to the plus function in Contract B, it will explain how to subscribe to the event.

pragma solidity ^0.4.23;
contract AContract {
function delegateEventCall(address other1) public {
  • AContract's delegateEventCall function takes the address of the callee contract, BContract, as a function parameter and executes delegatecall to the plus function.

pragma solidity ^0.4.23;
contract BContract {
event SampleEvent();
function plus() public {
emit SampleEvent();
  • BContract's plus function emits a SampleEvent event.

If you want to subscribe delegateCall event from AContract to BContract, fill out the address of the caller contract, AContract, in the address field of the contract filter in the henesis.yaml file.

version: v1
name: delegatecall-sample
platform: ethereum
network: mainnet
threshold: 12 # optional.
# Ethereum: (default: 12, min: 6)
# Klaytn: (default: 0, min: 0)
- address: '0x762a76234AB93Ff0E8AB4F462A53D91fA7E8c728'
name: AContract
files: # optional. The events of the contracts listed below can be combined together at this address.
- path: ./contracts/AContract.sol
contractName: AContract
compilerVersion: 0.4.23
- path: ./contracts/BContract.sol
contractName: BContract
compilerVersion: 0.4.23
type: webSocket
timeout: 10000 # optional. (default: 10000, unit: ms)
# if you want to use webhook, you need to place it
# type: webhook
# url: https://localhost:8080
# method: POST
# headers:
# Authorization: 'Bearer YOUR-OWN-TOKEN'