Henesis CLI


Through Henesis CLI, you can generate a new project and execute a command for developing DApps. You can install the Henesis CLI via "npm".

$ npm install -g @haechi-labs/henesis-cli
  • Check that it has been installed successfully.

$ henesis
🚀 Command Line Interface tool to Utilize henesis
@haechi-labs/henesis-cli/1.0.0-beta.30 darwin-x64 node-v10.13.0
$ henesis [COMMAND]
account manage your account
autocomplete display autocomplete installation instructions
help display help for henesis
init set up configuration file required for your project
integration manage integrations
login perform a login
logout perform a logout
node get node status


Don't you have an account to use the Henesis? Contact hello@henesis.io to request one!

Before you create a new project, you will need to login through our CLI. You can login with the email and password which we issued.

$ henesis login

After you execute the above command, you can see a screen asking for consent to collect information as follows.

Allow Henesis to collect CLI usage and error reporting information
yes(y) or no(n):

If you enter 'yes' or 'y' in the CLI, you consent to our collection of your usage information of CLI and error logs. The information we collect will only be used to improve the quality of service.

If you enter your email and password successfully, the following contents will show.

email: hello@henesis.io
password: ******
🎉 Login Success from hello@henesis.io 🎉

Change password

You can change your password through the command below.

$ henesis account:changepw

Henesis CLI is an open-source project. You can see the repository in the Github. Also, you can see the other commands in the README.md ​