Quick Start

Account registration is required to use Trusted Node separately from Node Extensions (Event Streamer, Tx Tracker). Please contact hello@henesis.io to register for an account.

Step 1: Install Henesis CLI


npm install -g @haechi-labs/henesis-cli

Login with your Henesis account

henesis login

Step 2: Check your Client ID through CLI

You can get client ID through Henesis CLI.​

henesis account:describe

Copy your <YOUR-CLIENT-ID> for the authentication.

Email: hello@haechi.io
Name: hello
Organization: haechi
clientId: <YOUR-CLIENT-ID>

Step 3: Try Trusted Node API

web3.js (Ethereum)
caver.js (Klaytn)
web3.js (Ethereum)
const Web3 = require('web3');
const web3 = new Web3("https://tn.henesis.io/ethereum/mainnet?clientId=<YOUR-CLIENT_ID>");
caver.js (Klaytn)
const Caver = require('caver-js')
const caver = new Caver('http://tn.henesis.io/klaytn/<network>?clientId=<clientId>')